Thursday, February 13, 2014

Work as an Expression of Identity

I work in the manifest world as a banker.  I am middle management at a neighborhood branch (not my neighborhood).  It is good work and I am fortunate to have the job and to make enough money to pay my bills.  I am fortunate to work for a small bank that is service oriented, that is relationship oriented.  I do not have to sacrifice my ethics to do my job.  I am grateful for that.

However, I am on a “career path” to become a Branch Manager.   My mentors with the bank, which include two Vice Presidents and a few Branch Managers, are grooming me for that career.  They are good people and I value them and I am grateful for their interest and investment in me. 

The thing is I don’t really want the career that they are grooming me for.  Don’t get me wrong, the money would be good and I would enjoy having the increased income but, I don’t like being the boss.  I don’t thrive on it.  It is not a natural and fulfilling position for me, at least not in this context.

What I enjoy, what I thrive on is taking care of people.  I enjoy being of service to others.  I thrive on taking care of details to allow others to do more important work.  My best talents involve care-taking for others whom I respect, anticipating their needs and taking care of them, to make their lives better, their work easier.

I believe that this is an essential part of my identity.  I believe that this is fundamental to my happiness and I am hoping to find work that will allow me to express this part of me, as well as participate more fully in my own neighborhood and community.

The search for work and identity are ongoing.  

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