Thursday, January 1, 2015

the Priestess...

I am the Priestess.  I am she who serves our Gods and our Community.  I am the one who heals and teaches, the one who guards the ethics of our soul.  I am she who listens and keeps the secrets of others, and she who holds space for the tears and the rage of other hearts. 

I am she who sees potential.  I am the one who calls out to hear the stories, everyone’s stories.  I am she who seeks to enchant the world, the one who works for healing.  I am she who tells the stories and sings the colors of light.  I am the one who holds the keys and she who unlocks the boxes. 

I am she who intercedes and she who prays.  I am the one who makes offerings and she who tends the Altars.  I am the one who makes vows and she who keeps them.  I am the wisdom-seeker, the star-gazer and the future-dreamer.  I am the bridge-builder and the peace-maker.  I am she who stands in the light and the one who encourages others to step into the brilliance and find their own way to stand.  

I am the one who chants to the White Lady of Seven Eyes who sees the world and offers blessing, healing and protection. I am the one who holds compassion and I am here to serve.

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