Thursday, January 1, 2015

the Witch

My name is Awenydd; it means ‘inspired one”.  I am a Witch.  I am a daughter of the Gods and a friend of the Fae, and the human companion to a magickal “feline” named Pwca.  I am she who journeys into the Otherworlds and she who casts spells.  I am the one who draws the Runes and the one who sings.  I am the one who works to change the Wyrd of my bloodline and she who shares relationship with many.  I am she who listens to the fire and to the wind, and to the trees and to the stones, and to the waters. 

I am she who works with the remnants of my past lives and the one who walks in shadow and in light.  I am the one who climbs the stairs in the Tower, and she who walks beneath the Moon.  I am she who sits within the Lodge and the one who stands in the circle with my beloveds and she who gives thanks.  I am the one who listens to the spirit of the tree-house and she who speaks with my ancestors.

I am the one who runs with the Wild God and I am the metal upon Brighid’s anvil.  I am the one who seeks to create and, the one who rides the storm, and she who fills the cauldrons with flames.  I am the one who loves the Goddess and the God in all their forms. 

I am the one who dances with Kali Ma and, the one who stands naked in the moonlight and calls to the Dark Father and, the one who dances in the kitchen with my sisters.  I am she who pursues the creative power of chaos and she who seeks balance.  I am the inspired one and I am blessed.           

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